Gold vs crypto

most of the investors take investment in crypto as investment in gold.

Gold vs crypto

Investing in gold has given good returns to the investors but reducing the luster of gold,

cryptocurrencies gave even better returns than gold. And, this is the reason why cryptocurrencies have caught the attention of many investors.


It has been well-liked as a safe investment option. But in the meantime, bitcoin has given even more returns.


This is the reason why now people are also interested in investing more and more in bitcoin. But investing in bitcoin also has its risks.

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2017, bitcoin saw a rise of 312.5%, while gold saw a rise of 29.5%. 2018, Bitcoin registered a gain of 196.3% while Gold rose by 36.1%


Both the investment options have good liquidity in the market. However, in comparison to gold, there is more volatility in cryptocurrencies.

Gold vs  Crypto

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